Boxy's Burrito: where every bite is a fiesta! 🎉

When you need quick, fresh and healthy burrito or bowl that is loaded with flavor, come by Boxy’s. Whether you are looking for a low carb, halal, vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free option, we’ve got you covered. Come enjoy your burrito, come to Boxy’s. We can’t wait to see you!

The Taste you Deserve 🤤


Savor every bite with our hearty and wholesome bowls. Packed with protein, veggies, salsas and sauces, our bowls are a nutritious and delicious meal option.


Wrap your taste buds in a flavor fiesta with our mouthwatering burritos. Stuffed with fresh ingredients and bursting with flavors, our burritos are a customer favorite.


Melt your worries away with our cheesy and indulgent quesadillas. Made with ooey-gooey cheese and your choice of toppings, our quesadillas are a comfort food classic.


Bite into a fiesta with our authentic and flavorful tacos. Filled with savory meats, fresh toppings, and zesty sauces, our tacos are sure to satisfy any craving.

Get Messy

Indulge in a mouthwatering snack with our crispy fries, onion rings, nachos or even Dorritos topped with your choice of toppings and sauces - just the way you like.

Experience the Boxy Way! ⭐


We believe food should be fresh and wholesome. We are committed to using fresh, high-quality ingredients and prepare them with care everyday.


There's something for everyone at Boxy's! Choose from a variety of toppings, sauces, and sides to create a meal that's tailored to your tastebuds.


From our fresh salsas, flavorful sauces to our savory meats, we have perfected our recipes over years - so you can taste the difference in every bite.


We are dedicated to making every customer feel at home and ensuring they have a great experience - both in store and with the food.

What our Customers Say 🙌


“I absolutely love Boxy’s Burrito bowls! It’s the perfect meal with veggies&fruit, protein, dairy and carbs. I love the size and presentation! I have to order at least once every few weeks. Tastes amazing and the Bogo offer makes it worth it!”


“Friday night dinner. Had their Beef Burrito and Cajun Chicken Burrito, toppings were fresh and varied. Their lime crema sauce with jalapeno and hot sauce made it so good! Also bought the American OG Burrito for the boys ... It looks hardy!”

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